Taiwan Taipei Mission

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Oh man, Arkansas is crazy. My first day here, we had a whole half inch of snow. So Arkansas shut everything down; the schools were closed, they told people not to drive. They kept the missionaries on lock down so that we wouldn't get in any accidents xD Oh Arkansas is crazy. But it's really interesting. We don't have very many solid investigators right now, but we are doing a lot of tracting and finding. This week we actually found 4 new investigators!! One big problem here is keeping people active. We have a lot of less actives, and there is a huge problem with smoking and drinking around here. But I see Heavenly Father's hand in everything. Just this week, we were out finding, and I had the feeling that we need to go up to this house. Now the majority of houses that we go to, the answer is, "I'm (baptist,protestant,Presbyterian, episcopalian, etc.) I've been saved, y'all have a nice day." or "I'm not looking for Jesus right now, the game is about to start!" They really like their sports here. But anyways, we went up to this house, and there was this couple there. They weren't even the owners of the house, they were there on a job fixing stuff up. But we just talked to them for a few minutes, and they set up an appointment with us on Wednesday, and they gave us all of their info and they seemed really interested!! It was awesome!! I'm so excited!! I also went to a Chinese buffet and got to talk to some of the employees, gave one of them a pass along card. It was pretty sweet :) I just wanted to show you that I met the two most adorable Rottweilers on the whole earth. They are the nicest dogs, it's weird, but they are angels. I want Rottweilers now :)